The Café des Nattes is at the center of the village and is the starting point of walks through the ancient village. It is the most famous place in Sidi Bou Saïd.

The café des Nattes in 1900.

Former entrance to the mosque behind, the Kahoua el Alia, or café des Nattes, owes its name to the fact that its local customers come at day fall to slowly enjoy the traditional mint tea or smoke a chicha seated on mats on stairsteps.

The building, on the sides of which sit two symmetric/asymmetric terraces, presents a staircase with uneven stairs at the top of which rests a yellow door. Down from this staircase lies a view on the street below with in background, Carthage and the bay of Tunis. In inside, the Arab-Andalusian decoration creates a quiet atmosphere, inviting confidences and secrets.

In the Café des Nattes, as in all Tunisian cafés, it is necessary to take the time to enjoy one's tea or coffee served burning hot. Sip after sip, while cooling off, the drink will reveal different aromas.

 Rue Habib Thameur, 2026 Sidi Bou Saïd
+216 71 749 661
Always open

The famous Café des Délices