"Carthago delenda est ...", Carthage must be destroyed. Today, one can visit the historical remains of the Punic city, destroyed by the Roman armies exhorted by the repetition of this formula attributed to Caton.

According to the legend, Carthage was established in 814 B.C. as a Phoenician colony managed by queen Didon.The city prosped and widened its influence in Spain and in Sicily. This prosperity was very badly taken in Rome which would later start a war with Carthage from the IIIth century B.C..

Carthage : a major archeological site

In 146 B.C. and after ten years of fight and slaughter, Romans, under the direction of general Scipion, a.k.a "the African", conquered the Punic capital. They leveled the city to the ground, buried the place and salted the ground to prevent any reconstruction or any agricultural activity. They wanted both to take revenge on this hostile rival of long as well as to erase it forever.

Caesar had the city rebuilt and it became the Roman capital of the new province of Africa. The the city was later conquered by the Vandals ( 439 ) and the Byzantine ( 533 ) who brought its prosperity back. It was seized by the Arabs  in 698.

Death of Saint-Louis

During the eighth crusade in 1270, Saint-Louis took the city. He will die there the same year.

Siege of Tunis by Saint-Louis

The ruins of the city, repeatedly plundered in particular for its marble, would be brought to light only in XIXth century.

The site is now recognized by Unesco as a world heritage since July, 1979.

Carthage in the center of the Republic of Tunisia

In 1960, president Habib Bourguiba, the first president of the Republic of Tunisia, decided to establish the presidential palace in the old villa of the Secretary General of the Tunisian government, next to the archeological site of Carthage.


  - The Roman ruins
  - The museum
  - The Punic district on the hill
  - The thermal baths of Antoninus
  - The Punic ports
  - The "tophet", the former sanctuary of the goddess Tanit.
  - The Saint-Louis cathedral

City of La Marsa

Tunis city