Dishes and ceramic objects, leather bags, simple or decorated slippers, objects in hammered brass, jewels, stuffed camels, trinkets and souvenirs... In the souk, one has been able to find for a long time, numerous objects, suitable for all tastes, budgets and ages.

The souk, the market in Maghreb

Originally, the souk, the market, is the place where the local populations come to buy food products as well as  diverse and varied products, even things such as cattle.

Souks are organized by commercial activity: jewels, leather, clothes, ...

Traditional crafts are at the center of activities in souks. They represent an important part of the Tunisian economy.

The souk of Sidi Bou Saïd

In Sidi Bou Saïd, the souk is located on the parking lot of the upper part of the city and on both sides of the main street. Considering the small size of the village, the shops and their sellers are not specialised in a specific type of goods. Do not hesitate to enter certain stores and rear-shops to admire the interior design of these traditional houses there turned into stores.

Near the café des Nattes, some craftsmen hammer copper outdoor in front of the visitors.

In souks, prices are not shown. Bargaining is the rule. As for prices, it is necessary to find a common ground between the seller and the buyer. This debate can go on and on and the seller, in the big deals, can go as far as offering the tea to continue the negotiation. Do not hesitate to pretend to leave, the seller will come after you, looking for a potential good customer.

Always keep smiling and a good sense of humor with some sellers who can prove unpleasant in low  season and difficult times.

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