Composed of wooden parts, geometrically assembled, moucharabiehs protect windows and balconies from the sun and the strong heat of summer. The moucharabieh is built around windows or balconies in the Arabic  or Southern European buldings and allows ventilating the room it decorates.

By blocking the light and channeling the air towards water-filled jars so it cools down before entering the room, moucharabiehs are the air conditioners of past. They encase windows, loggias and balconies in hot countries. One can also find them in Southern Spain, in Egypt or in Turkey.

 Behind moucharabiehs, women could look at the city life without being exposed to the view by passers-by as the Islamic tradition demands.

The moucharabieh is equipped with panels that are opened more or less during the day.



Wrought iron is an art well mastered by Tunisian craftsmen. The practice goes back to the Andalusian period.

Besides the search for aesthetics, it also serves as an obstacle against intrusions.

Volutes and spirals are the main forms of Tunisian ironworks.

Decorated doors

Behind walls

Richly decorated interiors