A zaouïa is a Muslim religious building. The one in Sidi Bou Saïd is located newt to the mosque in the center of the village.

The roots of the village's name

Around that place, rests Abou Saïd khalaf Ibn Yahya el-Tamini el-Beji,  Tunisian saint and scholar, who died in 1221. A mosque has been built in this place. This first construction is doubtless the first one built on the rock. This religious scholar later gave his name to the village (*).

Fire of the mausoleum

In January, 2013  following salafis threats, a criminal fire destroyed the mausoleum. The inhabitants and a support committee mobilized for the reconstruction of the monument. The religious building is today totally rebuilt (*).

The mosque

Built near this mausoleum, the mosque with its minaret is practically visible from every point of the old village.

(*) from Wikipedia

Kahoua el Alia and Kahoua Sidi Chabaane

Palace Dar el-Annabi

Ennejma Ez Zarah palace

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