The story of the cage is simple: in the 60s a man finds a crushed cage in Sidi Bou Saïd, he collects it and, out of it crafts new one. From then on, the activity of iron cage making became a speciality of the village. The cages are  made out of wood and iron, with intricate design of curves and straight lines.

As mentioned by one of the last craftsmen " personalities from all over the world have bought such cages. Some heads of state even possess some of these bird cages ". The design takes some arabesques and scrolls specific to the Muslim art.

The manufacturing of cages

Nothing has changed in the production process. There is neither ruler nor compass, the work is made by the eye and by the feeling of the craftsman who realizes each of the stages on his own. Cages come in various sizes, from the small decorative one to the very large that can reach amount to several hundred dinars. An average of three days is require to produce a strong cage of quality.

Potteries and ceramic

The machmoum

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