Built in the XIIIth century, then reorganized in the XVIIIth century, Dar el-Annabi is the former summer palace of the mufti Mohamed El-Annabi. The house contains 50 rooms.

Visit of a Moresque palace

Today, the house, still inhabited by the same family, has partially been turned into a museum. Several rooms are open to visit among which the room of prayer, the kitchens, the library in which is exposed a collection of antiques. Wax figures, dressed in period costumes, reconstitute a traditional marriage.

The terrace overlooks the village, enabling embrace the view on the gulf of Tunis.

9:30 - 19:00 - Paying entrance

Kahoua el Alia and Kahoua Sidi Chabaane

The Zaouïa and the mosque

Ennejma Ez Zarah palace

Typical visit